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Construction Cleaning Services in Doncaster

Understanding the importance of construction cleaning in Doncaster is bread and butter for us at JR Cleaning and Removals. Therefore we acknowledge that high standards in hygiene are imperative to productivity.

Furthermore, we know that The Office of National Statistics (ONS) recorded that in the UK in 2018:

So surely construction cleaning services in Doncaster are even more crucial. 

But Why on Construction Sites!?

Well construction sites have more hazards than your average office or storefront. For example, slips and trips are more common on construction sites. Also biological hazards are more prevalent. This can be due to strenuous and close-contact working activities. Thus possibly even aiding the spread of contagious diseases.

So that’s why construction cleaning is essential in Doncaster and all that surrounds it.

As a result of our outstanding grasp on construction site hazards, we have pledged a dedicated team to accomplish all your everyday as well as post construction cleaners tasks.

So where can you find us?

Currently, we focus our operations in the Doncaster, Rotherham, Sheffield and Barnsley areas. So we have South Yorkshire covered for you!

Construction Site Cleaning Doncaster

So tell us about your previous construction site cleaning experiences in Doncaster? Any unique issues?

We ask because we care. We care and we strive to make sure that you’ll never look further than JR!

So what makes us different to the rest!?

At JR we’re not satisfied with simply closing construction site cleaning deals in Doncaster. No! We want more than that. We want to know that whatever happened to you before with company so and so will never happen again with us. How!?

  • We actively improve our standards and raise the bar whenever we can. So that makes your feedback is essential. 

Here at JR we have implemented systems to improve your service experience:

  • So firstly, you talk we listen. Yes. This is your time to explain to us your precise requirements and exactly how you want things to run.
  • Thereafter, we can get to work with all essential paperwork. Such as health and safety documentation
  • Finally, we tweak our construction site cleaning services to dovetail your criteria. Then we deliver for the period agreed.


Our sheer drive and streamlined working practices have played an influential role in attaining our current substantial market share. Additionally, we have humbly established solid relationships with our clientele in Rotherham, Sheffield, Doncaster and Barnsley.

So we are eager to have you experience how we can prove to be a viable option for your firm moving forward. 

Post Construction Cleaning Doncaster

So do you have any works planned? Then what are your unique requirements? Or are you currently undergoing works now? Or maybe your works are completed or due for completion soon? Will these works leave debris, dirt, rubbish and/or harmful dust? Yes!?

If that’s the case then look no further! Just simply let our competent team conduct all your prior and post construction cleaning needs in Rotherham and the surrounding areas.

Allow us to execute a catered service whilst implementing the usage of market-leading equipment. An example of this is the fogging machine utilized in disinfection cleans

Post Renovation Cleaning Doncaster

Naturally we remain committed to satisfy your requirements even when called for post renovation works in Rotherham and the surrounding areas.

Yes. Same principles apply. So we continue to work at market-leading standards, whilst remaining competitive on price.

So if you require anymore information kindly call us today and we will be happy to assist you. Additionally, if you’d like a quotation for any construction site cleaning services in and around Rotherham, you can request one here now.

Construction Cleaning Services - Health & Safety - Doncaster

If you didn’t know JR is actually a Citation and SMAS Worksafe Approved Contractor. Thus our construction cleaning services in Rotherham and the surrounding areas are delivered to high safety standards. So rest assured with JR, you’re in safe hands.


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Customer Reviews

John Kemmings
Head of Facilities
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Exceptional work from the team so far. Very pleased with the results.
Lisa Smith
Facilities Manager
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We decided to go with JR after a receiving poor cleaning quality from our previous provider. I'm happy with the results of the JR team so far.
Ian Knowles
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In a word, superb. We're really happy with the standard of cleaning by the team.
Michael Downing
Head of Facilities
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I'm very happy to recommend JR Group for their after builders cleans.
Peter Cole
Facilities Director
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We've been using JR for some time now and are very pleased with the results.
Sarah Wise
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Great standard of work, even better team! 5*'s

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